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Parutions 2012

China, democracy, and law

China, democracy, and law

A historical and contemporary approach

Pierre-Étienne Will, Mireille Delmas-Marty
Trad. Naomi Norberg
Leiden,  Brill, Handbook of Oriental Studies ,  2011,  900 p.

This landmark volume deals with such essential questions as: What points of departure, or resources, can be identified in Chinese history and culture for what we call 'democracy'? What are, and have been, their potential for development in a modern China confronted with powerful Western influences? Are there any connections between imperial China’s strong legal tradition and the PRC’s current endeavour to restore the rule of law, in a context of legal globalization in which China itself is an important participant? How serious, or superficial, should the political opening which started in the 1980s be regarded, and the discourse on human rights currently heard in official circles? And finally, how relevant is Taiwan’s experiment with democratic institutions? In this rich and inspiring volume, foremost French scholars carefully clarify the process of political and legal change, convincingly showing that these questions cannot be answered without a proper understanding of centuries of Chinese juridical, philosophical, religious and political thought. Ouvrage publié avec le soutien du Centre national du livre/ Published with financial support by the Centre national du livre.

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