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Parutions 2011

Gateways to globalisation

Gateways to globalisation

Asia’s international trading and finance centres

François Gipouloux
Cheltenham,  Edward Elgar, 2011,  288 p.
This volume is the result of a three-year research project funded by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (France). The research has involved extensive data collection, field studies and interviews in China, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong. A team of historians, economists, sociologists, and anthropologists have exchanged findings in order to grasp the regional character of trade and finance, beyond national borders and traditional academic frameworks, bringing each perspective into play. This collective effort offers, in addition to its regional framework, up-to-date information that strengthens an original trans-disciplinary analysis of a region and its economic characteristics, which will be of interest to readers within academia and beyond.  A strong geographical perspective has been adopted for the analysis, which defines trading and financial hubs as global cities which frequently have more in common and closer linkages with each other than with their corresponding hinterlands.  These global cities illustrate to what extent world trends deeply penetrate the national territorial interior and processes that were presumed to be controlled by the State. (4e de couverture)

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